Johnny Depp, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter

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i can’t stop pls help

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Helena Bonham Carter double packs a punch as she fights for her rights on set of new movie [x]

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a shocked father

He actually looks terrified

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Johnny Depp interview [x]

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"Helena Bonham Carter, in addition to being one of the most brilliant women I’ve ever had the pleasure to talk to, is so much fun as the Red Queen. She has so much energy that she gives to it. She’s endlessly entertaining in the role. Her look and the dedication that it takes—three, four hours to get into that hair and makeup." - Anne Hathaway

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Johnny Depp’s reaction watching some clips of Vanessa Paradis talking about him in the last years on segments of ‘Le Grand Journal’   (november 24 2011)

I absolutely NEED a link to this video I can’t find it anywhere :(

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Johnny Depp & Jimmy Kimmel.

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